Huggins Wide Plank Commercial Group

Your Commercial Interior Flooring Design Partner

More than just a wood flooring manufacturer, HugginsWide Plank Floors gives you the ability to create customizable flooring solutions that set the benchmark for excellence in wood floors.

No other flooring company can give you the design options that Huggins can.

We ensure you not only get the most beautiful floor in the world, but the most durable. Huggins wood floors are found in a variety of spaces worldwide, from Kuwait to Kauai, including, high traffic retail, upscale retail, luxury
hotels, mixed use property and more.

The Epic Wide Plank Flooring Company

Huggins is “the epic wide plank floor company.” We bring iconic interiors to life by creating the widest, longest center-cut plank floors available in the world. Huggins clients want a custom floor that makes a statement. Our wide plank floors are of superior strength and quality because of Huggins's proprietary Craft™ process.

Invest in the Foundation

Considering the importance of flooring as the foundation of the overall look and feel of your property, it makes sense that it should be the first product built into your project budget. However, flooring budgets rarely allow for the type of high quality premium flooring you should demand. A unique floor can make or break your design, and it’s expensive and difficult to correct if you make a mistake. The right floor is an investment in the design of your space – Huggins wide plank flooring.

Unparalleled Service Available Worldwide

Huggins wide plank floors are available for installation throughout North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. We ensure quality and delivery to any location.

Endless Design Possibilities

More than 20,000 Carlisle flooring combinations to choose from in different colors, widths, textures and species. Fully customizable for endless design possibilities and engineered for long-term performance. Like our artisan woodworkers, our wide plank specialists are skilled professionals who understand that attention to detail is essential in matching your vision with the right Huggins wide plank floor. Huggins floors are custom made one at a time, one board at a time. We will design your floors consistent with your brand standards and your overall interior design.

Made in the USA

All Huggins wide plank floors are made in the USA by our skilled craftsmen in our “best in class” manufacturing facility located on the US eastern seaboard, in the greater Boston area.


Maximum Wear Layer

Huggins wide plank floors, both solid and engineered, allow for the same amount of usable wear layer; no trade-offs needed when deciding upon the preferred construction for your installation. Through Huggins's use of old growth trees and premium heartwood we create not only the most beautiful wood floor, but the most durable.

Dustless Recoat System Ensures a Lifetime of Beauty

Developed with global leaders in UV finishing technology and tested successfully over thousands of floors, this dustless recoat system requires no sanding, no special machines, which means no dust. This Dustless Recoat System is VOC compliant, qualifies for LEED credits and is great for coating of hand scraped and distressed floors in just four simple steps.

Beauty that will Last a Lifetime

Strictly center cut … we use only the heart of the tree. Whether it’s a rare gem or the perfect steak, the cut determines the value. For a diamond, it’s the facets and clarity that make it sparkle in the eye of the beholder. For a steak, it’s the prime, center cut that practically melts in your mouth as culinary perfection. And when it comes to wide plank wood flooring, the heart at the center of select old-growth trees is the ultimate source of flooring perfection. Here, this premium wood has the maximum vertical grain density for superior strength and long-term stability.




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