Wood Floor Installation

Wood floor will look beautiful and will last for years if it is installed over a properly prepared surface. In New York City & New Jersey there are so many unaware tenants living on subfloors.

Subfloor is a base for laying the main floor: strip/plank flooring or parquet squares. They look like wide board wood floors, mostly pine or redwood. If the wood is still in good condition it should be left that way. If it is in bad condition consider laying a new floor on the top of this one.

Three ways to install the hardwood floor:

  • Nailing down solid (whole wood) or engineered (layer of solid wood on plywood) wood strips to the plywood or plank wood subfloor.
  • Gluing down engineered wood strips or parquet squares directly to concrete subfloor
  • Floating installation: gluing together tongue and groove of each plank of laminate or engineered wood floor or locking pieces together without glue if planks equipped with locking system.

Most cost effective is floating installation:

  • Clean and almost dustless hardwood floor installation.
  • Floor pieces are already prefinished, so the wood does not require sanding and finishing.
  • Installation can be done room by room, it allows to move furniture around if place is already occupied.
  • Our price starts from $7.00 per sq ft - including material and labor

Nailing down solid or engineered hardwood floor:

  • Lay down building paper on existing subfloor.
  • Draw the straight line (starter line) using chalk line from the window to the end of the room.
  • Select a long straight strip and lay it against the starter line at the left side of the room with the 1/2 inch from the adjacent sidewall.
  • 4 inch from starting line loosely arrange the next seven or eight courses, mixing long and short lengths (ranking the floor).
  • Start nailing each strip 2 inches from its left end.
  • Keep the boards tight to ensure that they stay straight.
  • Install any trim before sanding and finishing the floor.